BIG HERO 6 : Another Treasure from Marvel's Vault. (Part 2)

Marvel initially wanted the film to be aimed at an older audience, which Disney refused. Marvel threatened not to publish the comics, with Disney responding that they would publish their own American comics, but they eventually came to an agreement. 
Baymax art by Papillon studio

Conversely, Lasseter dismissed the idea of a rift between the two companies, and producer Roy Conli stated that Marvel allowed Disney "complete freedom in structuring the story." Regarding the film's story, Quesada stated, "The relationship between Hiro and his robot has a very Disney flavor to it...but it’s combined with these Marvel heroic arcs."
The production team decided early on not to connect the film to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and set it in a stand-alone universe instead.

Big Hero 6 premiered on October 23, 2014 as the opening film at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
The world premiere of Big Hero 6 in 3D took place at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on October 31, 2014.It was theatrically released in the United States on November 7, 2014 with limited IMAX international showings.Theatrically, the film was accompanied by the Walt Disney Animation Studios short, Feast.
Toys released by Funko and Bandai America Incorperated.
Big Hero 6 has received positive reviews and opening with a strong $56.2 million (higher than Wreck-it Ralph a couple years ago), it should be set for a long, financially prosperous run over the next couple of months. Positive word-of-mouth will continue to fuel it as a must-see option, and the lovable Baymax is all kids need to see to want to watch the film.


After mega-success of the Avangers series, apparently Disney Company found vaults or  mines (maybe), full of treasures in 'Marvel's comic never heard before universe' :D

Well done, Bob....Cheers!

Article written by Fajar Buana
Source : Screenrant, Wikipedia.

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